President’s Message

My name is Dona Tseng, I am the ISPE LA Chapter President for 2015-2016.

Currently, I am a Senior Principal Engineer at the Baxalta Manufacturing Facility in Los Angeles, CA where I have been providing engineering, manufacturing process and validation support of pharmaceutical manufacturing operations for over 14 years. Prior to working with Baxalta (formerly Baxter Healthcare), I contributed to Gilead Sciences, Alpha Therapeutic (now Grifols), Redken Cosmetic Co. and DuPont Taiwan. I have become a subject matter expert on pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing unit operations developed from a career of hands-on, factory floor experience coupled with an extensive science background. I am often called on to represent my company in answering process, validation and quality questions during FDA, EMEA and CFDA audits and inspections.

I lost my Mom in 2004. About the same time, my husband fell into a coma from congestive heart failure due to kidney failure. He suffered through many different tests as the medical team worked to diagnose the underlying cause which turned out to be Lupus. He recovered until 2010 at which time he was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemotherapy. During all those years, I was with him, in & out of the hospital, outpatient surgery centers, doctors’ offices and dialysis centers. Despite his spirited battle, and mine and our son’s support, we lost him in March 2011.

Being a care taker for my husband and my mom, I came to fully realize just how much Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, their medicines, drugs and medical devices, positively impact both the lives of the patients themselves and their families. While we may not be able to save everyone, we bring hope, cures and life to many patients around the world every single day.

As a Biotech Engineer who helps companies develop and manufacture the medicines that extend and saves lives, losing my husband was even more painful for me, knowing that, despite all my expertise and success in my work, we have so much more work yet to do.

I have re-committed myself and my career to supporting my organization and others in our industry in helping them fast-track the development of new drugs and shorten the approval process.   We need to innovate and manufacture hopefully more affordable drugs with even higher quality so that we can increase our contribution and impact on the world as we move into the future of our industry.

We will all take medicine in our lifetime. How confident are you that you can take these medicines without any fear that it may harm you instead of help you? Let’s all make sure we are certain of the answer.

In our normal day–to-day work life, when you are busy solving problems and keeping your plant running, it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture…the benefits that your work and our products provide to so many people all over the world.

I ask you to commit with me, or for some of us, maybe re-commit yourself, to always remembering that the medicines and medical devices we manufacture today, the cures and devices that we will bring about tomorrow make the world a better place for patients and their loved ones.

We are a community of subject matter experts: ISPE is a global organization that delivers technical and operational solutions to support our Members across the global pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry in the cGMP  and cGXP manufacture of quality medicines for patients.

In behalf of the ISPE LA Chapter Board of Directors I would like to ask your support to join us as a member of the ISPE LA Chapter family to strive for our common goal – make the world a better place for patients and their, sometimes ours as well, love ones

Wish all of you have a happy, safe and peace holiday

Dona Tseng & the ISPE LA Chapter Board of Directors

One thought on “President’s Message

  1. Thomas M Golden says:

    Great Message!


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